Director of Film, Documentary and Advertising

Juan Antonio Moreno Amador is a Film Director, screenwriter and producer. He has directed among others Boxing for Freedom, documentary exhibited in more than 50 countries and selected for the European Film Academy Awards and the documentary Words of Caramel, nominated for the Goya Awards. He has also produced Walls, winner of the Goya for Best Documentary Short.

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Awards & Nominations

More than 50 international awards

J.A. Moreno Amador’s productions have been praised and awarded both national and internationally, with more than 50 awards and presence in more than 300 international festivals, such as the Montreal Festival, CPH: DOX, Sheffield Doc / Fest, Cameraimage, Beijing Cultural Week and Busan International Film Festival .

JA Moreno - Awards

The story of a generation of refugee children and young people trying to find their place in Europe and those who never found it. This is the story of those who are but also those who never arrived.


In a refugee camp in the Sahara desert lives Kori, a deaf child who wants to learn to write to express the words of his best friend, the little camel Caramelo.